And now I would like to start a new series called Gracie's Book Reviews.

Today, I review How to Speak Dog.  This book was very helpful for me, and I even learned a few things myself! The pictures in the book were pretty good too!

I find toys everywhere!

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Gracie, wake up daddy

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Stuck in quarantine

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Gracie's mom is the best!

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I'm running into the weekend!

Facebook picture of me

Whoa, you can share my pictures, too?!?

It is my pleasure to announce that comments have been added to my website! You can post anonymously if you wish.

Car ride, yay!

When I see a cat part 2

When I see a cat

This is my happy dance!

I want to play!

Me getting my daily exercise in

This is me on my birthday! I turned 10!

Linkedin photo of me

Oh! This is me on one of my two daily walks! You can see that I'm very happy!

What did you say?

Oh hello! I have found the password to this website and I plan on being more active on it.